Monday, 10 October 2016

Maine Vacation Rental Homes for Convenient Stay

Maine has always been described as the perfect vacation land by both passionate and casual travelers. It offers a unique travelling experience for the visitors and ticks all the right boxes on the checklist of adventure-minded individuals. Whether it is sightseeing, biking, golfing, or boating that brings you to Maine, you will always be spoilt for choices in Maine. 

Besides this, even art lovers will take an instant liking to Maine, thanks to a vast array of museums, which take their abode here. Some of the well-renowned museums found in Maine include Portland Museum of Art, the Ogunquit Museum of American Art, and the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland. Tourists flock up here every year while taking accommodation in Maine vacation rental homes

Some of the popular tourist attractions in Maine are: 

Eartha, the Revolving Globe 

Billed as a Guinness World Record Holder of the largest revolving globe, Eartha takes abode in a three-story glass museum and draws in tourists from different corners of the world every day. You will feel amazed at an intricate artwork engraved on it, which makes every element leap out. 

Acadia National Park 

Sprawling across 49,000 acres of spectacular landscapes, Acadia National Park sets the perfect settings for an unforgettable peaceful getaway in the lap of nature at its prime. The park is laced with granite cliffs flanking cobblestone beaches and amazing glacier-carved mountains. 

Baxter State Park 

Baxter State Park is the perfect destination if you are looking for family outdoor adventures. Here, you may indulge in a wide variety of activities like camping, fishing, snowmobiling, and wildlife photography. It will be a worthwhile experience to take back home with you.